Policies & Procedures

Keeping our co-op operating efficiently and effectively requires all members to fully observe these policies and procedures.

General Co-op Use

Members shall not use equipment that they are not familiar with. Members shall only operate equipment that they have a competence with. All members must schedule themselves on the ASPCO shared calendar when using the co-op facilities.


In the event of damage or failure of equipment, whether caused by regular wear and tear, negligence, recklessness or intent, Member will report any malfunctioning, break, change, or general problem with the equipment immediately.


Member will lock the facility during the time Member is in the facility and using the facility. Member will lock the facility when leaving.


In an effort to minimize costs and conserve electricity, Member will:

  • Only activate electrical equipment when it is needed for use (i.e. drying ovens, computer, overhead lights, etc.)
  • Be conservative with water in the washout booth and will ensure the faucet is completely shut off after use
  • Turn off ALL electrical equipment, lights, and water valves, and will set the thermostat to 80° F in the summer and 68° F in the winter (even if others are scheduled to use the studio later in the same day)
The Right to Create

Member shall only use the ASPCO equipment and facilities to create original artwork. Member shall not use the equipment or facilities to create any product that Member does not own the right to create. Member artwork may not be illegal, defamatory, threatening, or infringing of intellectual property rights, invasive of privacy or otherwise injurious or objectionable. ASPCO does not monitor or review Member artwork, but ASPCO has the right (though not the obligation) to report, without notice, any violation of these Terms, and such a violation is grounds for termination of membership through expulsion proceedings.


Member shall not leave garbage in the facility outside of a waste receptacle. Member shall clean up all supplies, and take any personal belongings with them when they leave. If a waste receptacle inside of the facility is full, Member will empty garbage into outside waste receptacle, even if Member is not responsible for the garbage in the waste receptacle. Repeated violation of the Facilities Cleanliness policy is grounds for termination of membership through expulsion proceedings.

Property Rights

Members’ work product should not be left behind, but in the event a Member finds work product in the facility that is not his or her own, Member will notify a Board Member, who will claim the work product and alert Members that a work product was found. Members will have the opportunity to claim their work product, but Co-op is not responsible for any work product left behind in the facility. No Member will appropriate the work product of another Member as his or her own.


Pets are not permitted in the Co-op facilities.


Guests of members of the Co-op are not permitted in the Co-op facilities unless it is an event approved by the Board of Directors in advance.


Smoking is prohibited at all times in Co-op facilities.

Drugs and Alcohol

The possession or use of illegal substances is prohibited on Co-op property at all times. Members found in violation of the Facilities and Equipment Drug Policy are subject to immediate expulsion. Alcohol is prohibited at all times in Co-op facilities, except at sanctioned ASPCO events with prior Board approval. Members found in violation of the Facilities and Equipment Alcohol policy are subject to immediate expulsion.


Theft by a co-op member is grounds for immediate expulsion. Members have a duty to report any suspicious behavior or witnessed theft activity. Any criminal acts will be reported to the proper authorities and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Protection of Access to Co-op

Members will not disclose the entry code that is used for entry into the Facilities to any non-active Members or non-Members. If keys are distributed to co-op members, members will not duplicate or share keys with any non-active Members or non-Members. A non-active Member is a Member that has paid Membership dues but has not paid Usage Fees for the present quarter.