Membership Info

ASPCO offers three tiers of membership: Artist Members, Associate Members, and Project Members.

Artist Members make up the highest tier, with the most rights and responsibilities, and typically are Members who use the Co-op facilities the most. Associate Members have fewer responsibilities and typically use the facilities less. Project Members access the facilities on a periodic basis.

It is important to understand that ASPCO is a co-op. We are owned and operated by our members – that means we are 100% volunteer run and have no employees. Being a member of our co-op is a special opportunity to screen print along with other screen printers, but it does require a level of commitment. Artist Members are expected to serve on a committee and volunteer at least 24 hours of time annually. Associate Members and Project Members are encouraged to serve on a committee, with the only requirement being they attend quarterly clean-up days. Please fully read the Benefits & Requirements of Membership in our Membership Agreement.

ASPCO membership is currently capped at 21 Artist Members and 10 Associate Members in order to insure ample use of facilities by its current members. In the event our membership is at capacity, applicants will be put on a waiting list and notified when a space becomes potentially available.

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