By Laws

ASPCO rules and regulations enacted by our co-op provide a framework for our operation and management.

When the idea for starting a screen printing co-op came about by our members in 2010, we initially weren’t sure where to start! Our founding members felt certain the type of community we envisioned would prosper in Austin, and that turned out to be correct! We encourage all current and potential ASPCO members to review our bylaws as they are the fabric of our co-op.

Since our founding, we have had other printers and artists (woodworkers and more!) from around the country contact us to learn more about how we structured our co-op. We have had plenty of help along the way, and are always excited to share our experiences in the hopes it may encourage others to venture out and start something great on their own. Below, you will find our by-laws, which are the very foundation of our co-op.

Artists Screen Printing Co-op Bylaws