The Artists Screen Printing Co-op relies heavily on the below committees in order to function in a sustainable manner. All ASPCO members are required to serve on at least one committee in order to fulfill the obligations of their membership.

Education Committee

The charge of the Education committee is to plan educational content for future and current ASPCO members to ensure they have the skills necessary to utilize the co-op in a safe, effective, and enjoyable manner. The Education Chair works with Membership to consult and advise Membership on new membership applications, offering their perspective on potential members’ skills and capabilities as a result of their close contact with potential members during classes and workshops.

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Facilities & Equipment Committee

The charge of the Facilities Committee is to oversee the physical assets of ASPCO used and useful in the delivery and support of the co-op’s mission and purpose. As such, the Committee’s scope of responsibility includes overseeing the development and maintenance of the studio and equipment used in pursuit of ASPCO’s mission.

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Events & Promotions Committee

The charge of the Events & Promotions Committee is to oversee general public relations efforts, and overseeing the promotion of events to increase awareness of ASPCO. In addition, the committee utilizes social media and other vehicles to increase awareness, with the assistance of other ASPCO committees to coordinate promotions. The Events and Promotion Chair also assists the Membership Chair to track attendance at all sustainability events.

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Membership Committee

The goal of the Membership Committee is to foster and maintain a vibrant, knowledgeable, and happy membership community. The membership committee plays a key role at ASPCO as we are the first point of contact for new members interested in joining the co-op. We also are the main contact for current members who have any issues using the co-op or they need help learning a new skill. In the past, our main focus has been follow up and communication with prospective and brand new members, and a future goal is to do more membership building activities with the current membership.

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