Facilities + Equipment Committee

Christine Angelone, Chair
Function, activities and goals of the committee:

The charge of the Facilities & Equipment Committee is to oversee the physical assets of ASPCO used and useful in the delivery and support of the co-op’s mission and purpose. As such, the Committee’s scope of responsibility includes overseeing the development and maintenance of the studio and equipment used in pursuit of ASPCO’s mission.

The responsibilities of the Facilities Committee are as follows:
  • To oversee and regularly review the current condition and use of current studio building, equipment, and supplies to ensure their adequacy to support the mission and priorities of ASPCO. The Committee shall see that a comprehensive audit of ASPCO facilities is regularly completed which describes the co-op’s physical assets, including their current condition, space usage, and adequacy to support the co-op’s mission.
  • To review studio operation, maintenance, supplies, and repairs, and to make recommendations to the Board to ensure resources are adequate and appropriately allocated to support the needs of the co-op’s studio maintenance, repair, replacement, and operation. In addition, the Committee shall review estimated new operating costs associated with construction projects to ensure they are considered in operating budget development.
  • To review regularly the status of routine and minor repairs, renovations, and supplies levels to ensure they are completed on time, within available resources and according to the specifications of the project plan. The Board must approve renovation, repair, and new equipment projects costing over $100.
Available opportunities within the committee:

The membership consists of the Facilities Committee chair, who is elected by the Board, and by committee members who are dedicated to overseeing and executing the mission of the committee.