Events + Promotions Committee

Jessica Fontenot, Chair
Function, activities and goals of the committee:

The charge of the Events & Promotions Committee is to oversee general public relations efforts, and overseeing the promotion of events to increase awareness of ASPCO. In addition, the committee utilizes social media and other vehicles to increase awareness, with the assistance of other ASPCO committees to coordinate promotions. The Events and Promotion Chair also assists the Membership Chair to track attendance at all sustainability events.

The responsibilities of the Facilities Committee are as follows:
  • To create, plan and execute co-op sponsored and co-op related events for fundraising and awareness efforts.
  • To help obtain sponsorship and/or donations from local vendors for ASPCO sustainability events.
  • To promote ASPCO via the use of ASPCO’s social media channels, and maintain that presence according to our co-ops needs and desires.
Available opportunities within the committee:

The membership consists of the Events & Promotions chair, who is elected by the Board, and by committee members who are dedicated to overseeing and executing the mission of the committee.