Education Committee

Amanda McInerney, Chair
Function, activities and goals of the committee:

The Education Committee plans educational content for future and current ASPCO members to ensure they have the skills necessary to utilize the co-op in a safe, effective, and enjoyable manner. The education committee will review and advise on educational videos and written publications for members in good standing. When community opportunities arise to promote ASPCO, the education committee chair must seek majority approval from the board to perform educational talks or workshops with ASPCO sponsored signs and publications at the event. Overall, the main goals of the education committee is to ensure that ASPCO members develop and enhance their screen printing skills, and working with other committees to raise funds for the cooperative.

The responsibilities of the Facilities Committee are as follows:
  • The Education committee will vote on every class and workshop proposed to be taught at ASPCO’s studio before it is submitted for board approval. The committee will provide the documentation for prospective instructors and answer any questions they may have regarding the application process.
  • Each year the committee will propose a list of opportunities that will raise funds for ASPCO to be reviewed by the Education committee and voted by the board.
  • The Education Chair will work with Membership chair to consult and advise on new membership applications, offering their perspective on potential members’ skills and capabilities as a result of their close contact with potential members during classes and workshops.
  • The Education committee will promote screen printing throughout the community ‘in an effort to gain interest from prospective financial donors and recruit potential members with adequate shop experience.
Available opportunities within the committee:

The Education committee consists of the Education chair, who is elected by the board but nominated by the committee members who are dedicated to overseeing and executing the mission of the committee. The main opportunity for each member on the Education committee is to gain experience in reviewing, planning, developing, structure and implement workshops and classes for ASPCO current and prospective members. Opportunities within the education committee that will count towards ASPCO mandatory volunteer hours are:

  • Leading demos during events.
  • Assisting instructors with classes.

Other opportunities that do not count towards mandatory volunteer hours are voting and keeping minutes during education committee meetings, participating in educational videos and creating educational publications. All volunteer hours submitted by members of the education committee must be approved by the chair.