Membership Committee

Laura Fisk, Chair
Function, activities and goals of the committee:

Our overall goal is to foster and maintain a vibrant, knowledgeable, and happy membership community. The membership committee plays a key role at ASPCO as we are the first point of contact for new members interested in joining the co-op. We also are the main contact for current members who have any issues using the co-op or they need help learning a new skill. In the past, our main focus has been follow up and communication with prospective and brand new members, and a future goal is to do more membership building activities with the current membership.

The responsibilities of the Membership Committee are as follows:
  • Follow-up with prospective new members of the co-op, which includes email correspondence; sending through updated membership agreements; and reviewing questionnaires.
  • Schedule tours to interested prospective members, and during tour explaining the different types of memberships and equipment offered.
  • Give orientations to new members. Every new member participates in orientation to review the rules of the co-op and how to use the various types of equipment.
  • Create opportunities for membership building activities such as co-op printing nights or working with the events committee to have get togethers outside of the co-op.
  • Help current members learn a new skill, or strengthen their current skills. This could include: reviewing how to print paper, detailed review of the 6-color press, how to use some basic program elements (of photoshop, illustrator, indesign) on the computer, etc.
  • Connectwith current membership on various issues and share information with them via email, in person, or social media.
Available opportunities within the committee:

The membership committee consists of the Membership Chair, elected by the board, and anyone who is interested in the above functions. If you like talking to people, and aren’t shy – the membership committee is for you as you could be asked to send a friendly email to a prospective new member or give a tour! As we haven’t had any membership nights yet, that would be a fun activity to take on and plan. Also, any members who have more advanced skills that are able to help some of our more beginner members is also a plus as you can help “greener” members with their work.