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Susan Stuehrk
Since 2015

Susan has been making art out of everything in sight since she could sit up, until she fell in love with screenprinting in art school at UW-Madison. Since then, she has been in a love/hate relationship with the printing press, both as a proud ASPCO member and owner of Ink Fortune press.

Her 2D work and apparel explore everything from dark-humor wiles, deeply narrative epics, and contemporary frustrations, to pure exercise in the pleasure of the creative process. Comic relief and mind games pervade it all.

These musings and exertion are all moonlit; by day, Susan sells data visualization software (data + visualization indeed equals art) to other nerds. When she’s not wearing either hat, you might find her meandering through Texas hill country on her sportbike, compulsively redecorating, pretending she can code, melting her Kindle, catching the latest electroswing act, or refusing to get out of the river.

Find Susan’s work at InkFortune.com